Kollektiv visited MeadCon/Mazer Cup International

Gepubliceerd op 30 juli 2019 om 12:14

In March 2019 the annual MeadCon and Mazer Cup International where held again. Read how we experienced these great events!

For a few years now, March has 2 events that center around mead: MeadCon and the Mazer Cup International (MCI). At Kollektiv we had heard about this Mazer Cup being like the Academy Awards of the mead world so our interest was peaked. We had to see that for ourselves. And with a 2 day conference all about mead right before it, at the same location? Hard to say no to that, so we booked ourselves some tickets and went out to Broomfield, Colorado!

MeadCon was a great event! Well organized, 2 days of lectures in 2 different tracks: Home and Professional. In the evening there were social events where we sampled meads in all different styles and got to meet the great people that make up the mead community. Coming from pretty much a mead wasteland, it was a very warm welcome into a great community. Especially the "suite parties" were a great place to socialize.

With well over 500 judged home and over 400 commercial entries, the MCI is the world's biggest and most renowned mead competition. It was amazing to see the inner workings of such a competition and be part of it as volunteers. We even got to judge in the home side! The quality of the entries was even better then we'd been told already and we were very impressed with the organization of such a massive undertaking.
We immediately realized we need to be there next year and are already racking our brains on the meads we will enter.